Free Appropriate Public Education

Every child has a right to a Free Appropriate Public Education or "FAPE". This requirement is included in the Individuals with Disibilities in Education Act "IDEA". IDEA mandates that the school districts provide access to general education and specialized education services as well as the support needed so children with disabilities can access the general education setting. As parents it is important to understand what IDEA requires the School Dstrict to provide:

FAPE Requires

  • education and related services are provided at public expense, without charge to the parents.  
  • with disabilities are provided modifications, accomidations and support servies under their individual education plan (IEP). These modifications, accomodations and support services allow them to access and benefit from instruction so they can progress in their education
  • Addresses your child's unique needs as identified through evaluations, observations and input from your child's education team.
  • The quality of your child's education services to be equal to those provided to non-disabled students.
  • The right to access non-academic and extracurricular activities equal to those provided to your child's non-disabled peers.

IDEA ensures your child will receive a Free Appropriiate Public Education. It is important to understand that FAPE does not require school districts to provide disabled children with a better education than is provided to non-disabled students. For more information on FAPE or to discuss your child's enique needs please contact us.  

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