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    Parent Support Arizona Offers Quality Education Advocacy, Civil Rights Advocacy, Resources, and Support. Please Call Us Today to Schedule a Consultation With a Member of Our Team.

Education & Civil Rights Advocates Supporting Families Across Arizona

Parent Support Arizona offers education and civil rights advocacy; connects families with local resources and supports families as they navigate the public education system, state developmental disability system and behavioral health system. Is your child struggeling at school? You do not have to go through this alone, let us help. If you would like to discuss your child's unique needs, please contact us to schedule an appointment

We Are Ready to Support Your Family By:

  • - Helping families navigate the public school system
  • - Researching issues related to your child’s disability
  • - Requesting evaluations or an IEP meeting
  • - Reviewing evaluations, IEP's and Section 504 Plans
  • - Advocating for children at IEP / Section 504 meetings
  • - Helping resolve disputes with the school district
  • - Assisting families with Federal Civil Rights Complaints
  • - Helping you resolve disputes with the school district
  • - Assisting families with complex case coordination
  • - Supporting families with gifted children

Has your child been identified as having a special need? Is your child struggling in school but you're not sure why? Are you concerned that your child's IEP is not being followed?
Are you worried the school is not providing the services your child needs to be successful? Is your child bored in school because they are not being challenged? Does your child have complex behavioral health or mental health needs that the school does not understand?

Many children struggle in school, and parent's are forced to seek answers on their own because the school system doesn't always take the time to provide them. Are you tired of waiting for things to get better and hoping that your child will have thir needs met. Parent Support Arizona can help you navigate the special education process so you can obtain the educational supports and services that your child needs.

Every child deserves an opportunity to reach their full potential. Parent Support Arizona is here to offer you resources, support and education advocacy to ensure your child can excell at home, at school and in the community.

About Us

Parent support Arizona offers education advocacy services but does not offer legal services. We are not lawyers and we do not offer legal advice. All information contained in this site or obtained from Parent Support Arizona or its advocates are their opinions. These opinions are based on their training and experiences in special education matters. If you need legal advice, you are encouraged to consult with an attorney who has expertise in special education matters. If you need a referral to an attorney who specializes in this area of practice please use the contact form to obtain additional information.

Supports Offered

Connecting families with local resources

  • Provide tools for self advocacy
  • Advocacy for children in all systems of care
  • Assisting families with resolving disputes
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